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Why Hire a Professional Birth Photographer?

It’s not just something cool that we get to photograph; it’s what we give a large portion of our lives to.

We know birth.

And a lot of it. Of course, we aren’t medical professionals that do an amazing job of taking care of moms and catching their babies, BUT we are in the birth community, surrounded by birth knowledge, birth resources and birth professionals. We are birth geeks, really. Placentas fascinate us and we know and accept that birth is messy. We have awareness of birth progression that allows us to be in the right place at the right time, even when things are happening quickly. We are patient for when things take their time.

We live the on-call life well.
We have a supportive team of childcare, as well as understanding spouses, children and family that know and accept that we can go to a birth at any given time– whether that be a holiday or birthday party or date night. We are known to drive to events separately just incase we get called. It’s what we do. And we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without this incredible team.

It’s so much more than owning a “fancy” camera and loving babies.

We thrive in any light, or lack thereof.
Although it can be dreamy and nice, babies don’t wait for good light. And moms that are experiencing the deepest parts of labor do not stand by pretty window light. We know our equipment like the back of our hand, maybe even more. We know how to photograph the darkest moments in the darkest of rooms both with and without the use of flash. Laboring mamas often relax better in the dark where the biggest light source may be a candle that’s lit or soft glow of a hallway light. We don’t fumble around with camera settings in those situations because there’s no time for that with birth. There are no re-dos, because surely that baby cannot go back in and be reborn.

We respect your birth space.
We understand that it’s your birth space, your staff, your wishes, your body, your baby. We stay out of the way and quietly capture your story.

We know how to get those beautiful moments in a tasteful and artistic way.
And we spend hours, days and weeks post processing, editing and then backing them all up just incase. Because you want to be able to share this piece of your story with generations to come.

Imagine being able to look back on the very moment you met your parents for the very first time. It’s that important.

Beautiful birth stories aside, it’s important to know that we are insured, licensed and pay business taxes. Outside of our artistic eye and love for photography, these important attributes allow us to operate a professional business AND allow you to know that you are getting quality all around.

By “we” I’m referring to all professional birth photographers. This is the standard you should be looking for while considering who will be there on your child’s birth day.

xo Alicia
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