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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your experience as a professional photographer?

I started as a portrait and wedding photographer in 2010-2011, then grew into photographing maternity, birth, Fresh 48 and newborns in 2012. Since then my heart has been growing for photographic storytelling of new life, specifically birth stories and all the pieces that surround that season of life. I’ve spent three years fine-tuning my style for these sessions. Because of this focus, I do not photograph weddings or engagements anymore (but do have a fantastic referral list if you’d like one, just contact me). Occasionally I do family sessions, but it’s rare as most of my calendar is devoted to being on-call for my birth clients.

I can see your style through your work, but if you had to put your style into words…

Authentic, honest, emotive, day-in-the-life, the little details as well as the big picture.

What’s on your photography bucket list?

I dream of photographing a surrogacy story. An adoption story. A birth story with multiples. Parents arriving home with their little one(s) for the very first time. A well-thrown gender reveal party. Baking in the kitchen with little hands helping. A family decorating their Christmas tree for the holidays. This list is ever growing as my eye for storytelling looks around at real life moments.

Interested in making one of these bucket list items come to life? Contact me for special pricing.


What is birth photography?

It is a tasteful, discrete, photojournalistic way to capture your special journey into motherhood as your little one arrives on their birth day. Birth photography allows you to be fully present in your special day, and to also visit that day time and time again through photographs. It’s a celebration of new life in its purest form. It’s not gory, graphic or “up in your business” at all. Birth photography is about YOU and your blooming family: the smiles and tears, your labor support, the details of the day, and especially your first embrace as you meet your long-awaited little one!

What does a birth photography session look like?

Every birth day happens uniquely and in baby’s time, of course. As your birth photographer, I will be on-call 24/7 from three weeks before your due date until you deliver to ensure I am there for the labor and delivery.  You call me once labor begins (day or night) and I’ll quietly arrive once you are in labor. Once I arrive, I stay out of the way while I quietly capture the many sweet moments as the story unfolds. You won’t even notice that I’m there. I use the natural light of the room and rarely use flash (only in certain situations, which we will discuss beforehand). I stay as long as it takes for your little one to make his or her way into the world, staying through the first moments you’ll want to remember forever: the first snuggles, first feeding, measurements, etc.

Couldn’t I just take these photos myself or have my labor support do that?

You could, but here’s a few things to consider: 1.) The lighting in labor and delivery rooms is not ideal for the everyday camera. I use professional cameras and lenses that are optimal for such lighting. 2.) While you’re in labor, the last thing you’re going to have in your hand is a camera. The same goes for your labor support partner– they should be supporting YOU! 3.) You won’t have to worry about missing a moment.  It’ll all be in photographs and they’ll be backed up, secure and never go missing. 4.) I’m a professional photojournalistic storyteller. As an artist behind the lens, I know what moments tell your story best and what moments you’ll want to remember in years to come.

What if I have a c-section?

This could be a planned/unplanned part of the day.  Before your due date, we will discuss with your doctor/midwife if they allow for a photographer to be present in the operating room.  Every hospital and doctor is different– some allow for a photographer to be in the operating room, while others do not.  If your doctor allows for this, I will certainly be there.  If your doctor/hospital does not allow for this, I will just spend more time capturing your first moments together in recovery and within the first 24 hours after the baby is born.

Will we have a chance to meet and discuss my wishes before baby’s arrival?

Yes, yes, yes!  I always look forward to meeting with my clients before their baby arrives.  Birth photography is an intimate experience, and for this reason I want you to feel fully comfortable with me.  This meeting allows us to not only get to know one another, but it allows me to take notes on what you do and don’t want on your special day.  It’s all about YOU and your blooming family, so I want to make sure I capture the day perfectly!

I don’t see a ton of laboring moments shared and featured on your website. Do you capture those moments too?

Yes, I’ve captured many beautiful labor moments, but choose not to share an abundance of them on my website due to the private nature of those moments. I do feature a few though because it’s an important piece of the story that captures those last moments before your baby is in your arms. And of course, all images are shared with permission from the client.

Would it be possible to view an entire birth story, from beginning to end, that you have captured? 

Absolutely! I have several full stories for which I have been given permission by the clients to share privately when meeting with prospective clients. Blog posts contain highlights from each story, not the story entirely (because seeing 100+ photos in a single blog post would be a little much). Just ask when we meet for your consult.

Do you have recommendations for other birth resources, such as doulas, classes, products/boutiques, midwife/doctor/practices, etc?

Yes. I am familiar with the Colorado birth professional community and the amazing variety of resources we have to offer. I’m collaborating a local resource page at this time.

So if you’re always on-call for birth clients, are you always at a birth?

No. At this time (2015-2016) I’m only taking on 1-3 births a month so I can still give good quality time to my own little ones at home. While I would LOVE to take on 4-6 a month, it’s just not realistic for the lifestyle we choose. This allows me to be 100% for my birth clients and 100% for my family as well. It’s a balance I’ve learned well over the years.

Do you work closely with any other birth photographers?

I work alongside of an incredible group of local (and worldwide) birth photographers, and I’m not just saying that. Here in Colorado we are currently collaborating into a local group that I will sharing here in the very near future. We strive to have prospective clients seek us out for our individual styles along with who you feel will capture your story best. We also provide back-up to one another when needed.

Surely you have more questions that I can answer. Feel free to contact me. There are no silly questions. This time of life is full of so many joys, fears, unknowns and details that it is impossible to cover them all here. I would sincerely love to hear from you.