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Born on a Perfect Colorado Day | Denver Colorado Birth Photographer

It was the perfect Colorado day that started with inches of heavy snow falling to the ground in the morning, had rain drizzling by noon, ending and a beautiful sunset as baby James was arriving into the world at 6pm. When I first met with Jessica and Cory in January for their pre-consult, even though their due date wasn’t until April, this mama knew her baby boy would be born in a snow storm– and surely he was!

Sweet baby James was born as the sunset light poured into the delivery room during his arrival. These parents-to-be took my breath away as they worked together to bring their son into the world and celebrated his arrival with an outpouring of love.

Truly a beautiful story, only the beginning for this sweet family.

the room | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

the room | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

born on a colorado day | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

snowy rain | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

clock | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

baby belly | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

labor and delivery | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

walking the halls | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

waiting for baby | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

labor details | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

labor details | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

ready to meet him | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

waiting | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

in labor| www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

a hand to hold | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

the special day | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

pushing | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

pushing | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

hands during labor | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

time for his arrival | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

first breaths | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

looking at his son | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

first glimpses of their son | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

measuring baby | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

looking around his world | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

just born | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

taking in his new world | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

family of three | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

baby bliss | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

meeting the family | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

meeting the family | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

meeting for the first time | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

first latch | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

first latch | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

in daddyPINIMAGE

newborn hands | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

hours old | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

welcome baby | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

denver birth photographer | www.onceuponarrival.comPINIMAGE

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